One of the most popular places in Rhodes is the archaeological site of Lindos. It is situated in a large bay and faces the seaside village of Charaki. Its image decorates many tour guides and usually represents the Rhodes island as its icon. Above the town rises the acropolis of Lindos. 

   An amazing caste that reminds the Old Town of Rhodes. It has high cultural and historical value. It offers a magnificent view of the surrounding harbors and coastline. At night, its beautiful lighting transforms it into an outstanding image. All restaurants, cafeterias and bars have an opened roof that visitors can take a sit and enjoy the incredible view with a drink or dish. 

  Even in the modern part of Lindos there still is the dominant traditional element. Every single path has a uniqueness that remind a little bit of the Cycladic settlement. All buildings have kept the traditional theme and structure. There are white walls with blue windows, wooden doors and paved floors. The transportation onside the village is by walk or a donkey, no cars are allowed. Although there is a large parking and bus area just outside the village. 

   Moreover, the Lindos beach combines swimming with eating and drinking, since there are many places to visit exactly near the beach. It is well organized with sun beds and water sports. After a lovely swimming and sun bathing you can go to one of the Greek taverns and enjoy seafood and other Greek cuisine flavors. At night there are many bar options with different style. Prepare, though, yourself for staying up all night till the next morning. That’s when everything closes down in Lindos, early the next morning.